After a late afternoon wine tasting session with the hubs, I had this intense craving for roasted chicken. Not just the breast or thigh, the whole thing.

With it being late in the day, we decided to try this recipe I’ve had laying around for a while: a minimally seasoned bird cooked at 500 degrees. Yes, 500.

Btw: recipe is from Yahoo… Previously thought it was from the times. Whoops.

Crank up the oven to 5 0 0.

Take a lemon. Cut it in half (or quarters), grab a few cloves of garlic and shove it all in the cavity.

Season bird with salt and pepper. Resist the urge to rub with butter or olive oil (if I can do it, you can do it).

Disclaimer: I threw a couple if potatoes in the bottom of the pan and tossed with oil.

Don’t mess with it. 50 minutes later, dinner is served.