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Back in February, we went to a friend’s birthday party. I had just finished the cleanse phase of the Advocare 24 day challenge, fresh off a nearly 2 week sick spell, and apprehensive about there being anything I could possibly eat on my restricted diet.

Though pork was technically not okay to eat yet, I couldn’t resist this fragrant pork stew. Aside from vegetables, the stew was the only thing that I “could” eat, so I did. And it was divine. I’ve made it twice now, but with chicken as I was still “dieting”, and now I’m “watching what I eat” (or whatever).

Green Chili Chicken White Bean Soup

Here is my version of the make you swoon green chili, chicken & white bean soup:

– One whole chicken breast
– One box chicken stock (I used Trader Joe’s brand – just make sure your stock is from chickens not treated with hormones/antibiotics, and free of MSG and other weird stuff that has no business being in stock if you don’t have any homemade stock)
– One can Hatch green chilies (we used mild for this batch)
– One can white beans
– One medium sized onion, chopped
– Three cloves garlic, minced
– 2 organic carrots, chopped
– Dash of oregano
– Salt & Pepper to taste
– Cooking oil of your choice (either used Grapeseed or Extra virgin olive)
– Green cabbage
– Sesame oil (about a teaspoon-ish for “frying”)

I started this process Tuesday morning – take your chicken breast, throw it in the Crock Pot (okay, don’t literally throw it..), add the box of chicken stock. Cover, set on low, and go about your day.

Hours later… shred the chicken, which will require a minimal amount of “effort” with a spatula.

In a large pot (I used my favorite Dutch oven), heat your favorite cooking oil on high-ish heat. Add onions and let them sweat. And brown a little. Then add the garlic, then carrots. Season with salt, pepper and oregano. Then add your stock and chicken. Cover for about 30 minutes. Take a shower, or whatever you need to do.

Add the chilies and white beans, and simmer a little while so everything gets warm.

Right before you are ready to eat, chop up some cabbage into big chunks and do a quick fry in some sesame oil. Trust me on the sesame oil, it’s right.

Grab a bowl, put cabbage on the bottom (at least, that’s how I prefer it), then pour on the soup!