Yikes. I never forgot about my flog (I’ve always hated the word “blog” having “grown up” on the internets with Livejournal… but I digress), but “the holidays” start in September (honestly, more like June in my world of the jewelry biz), so taking photos of my home cooked meals then writing about them after work is just not a realistic idea.


I now have a smartphone. Trumpets please, Ms. B has joined the world with an “out of date” smartphone from a product line represented by a piece of fruit.  If you’ve seen my phone, this is a huge leap.

Again, I digress.

My camera is *full* of photos of food, like our fabulous Thanksgiving dinner (oh my love!) and random meals over the past number of months.  I would be lying if I said “oh, I’ll get around to uploading those and talking about them”… they are MONTHS OLD!

So, I’m going to get back into the game. The pictures will be all instagram-y, but I’m okay with that. It is actually great to have a “camera” that makes a mediocre photo look cool (but not necessarily hipster cool). If you care to follow, I’m at blythejarrell. Which is still not my real name. yet.

So, I’ve said my peace. I think. For tonight, I’m going to nurse my Maker’s manhattan and chow down on some baked buffalo chicken “tenders” (or whatever you call the breast cut into smaller pieces) and slow roasted tomatoes.