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Back from Vegas, and slightly inspired by our dinner at Smith and Wollensky… at least the green beans. We had a fantastic dinner on Sunday night, consisting of trio of scallops with tomatillo sauce, Wollensky salad, gorgonzola steak and green beans with cashews and gorgonzola.

I was dying to have steak every night.  That didn’t happen, but we started off the trip with an unforgettable meal.

Tonight was my first kitchen adventure in a while, so I decided to make it a good one.  I pan seared the New York steak in olive oil and butter, then finished it off with some red wine.  After removing the steak from the pan, added some more wine, butter and chicken stock to make a little sauce.

In another pan, I attempted to caramelize some shallots.  Distraction created somewhat burnt shallots, but still good, none the less.  Toss in some green beans, add a little fresh lemon juice, and serve with crumbled blue cheese.

As for the tomatoes… olive oil, sea salt and garlic powder. Simple. Delicious.

It’s good to be home.