Words can sometimes describe how I feel about certain places.  For Tweets Cafe, in a word: love.  This photo was taken by a gentleman stranger who took the photo and emailed it to me this morning.  He removed the electrical wires that droop across the buildings- I think those add character, but regardless, I love it.

I’ve had the past week off work, so I’ve had a lot of freedom. and some alone time.  Saturday was the perfect date day.  Started off with a drive, and ended up a day of amazing food.

First stop: Tweets cafe.

The best coffee (and iced tea) “in the Valley” according to David.  For me, it’s just the best. period.  And the food…

I opted for the breakfast tostada.  Underneath the avocado, mango, tomatoes and cabbage are phenomenal local Skagit valley eggs and chorizo atop a crunchy corn tortilla.

Hubs opted for the Torta Rustica.  I’ve seen this in the window a few times, but never have tasted it.  Mmm.

I highly recommend this place to anyone who likes food who doesn’t mind a scenic drive peppered with farmland, eagles, hawks and salty sea air.  Bring cash or a checkbook, Charles doesn’t take plastic.

From there, we weren’t sure where we’d end up.  Thought about Deception Pass, but were quickly deterred and sent on our way to Rosario Beach.  Turn off the highway before you hit Deception pass and you’re in for a treat.  A much more secluded beach area complete with tide pools and trails.  Bring $10 for a day park pass, or come prepared with a Discover Pass.

When we finally got home, we enjoyed some salumi and cheese from Slough Food:

On our way back home, we stopped for some seafood at  Skagit’s Own Fish Market for some “peel & eat” shrimp and Dungeness crab.  Paired with a steamed artichoke, garlic butter and chili sauce, what a messy feast.

This afternoon, we made stock from the heads & shells, so it’s time for me to go de-shrimp-smell my house.