I have to say, last night I was feeling pretty smug.

Until just a few years ago, I had never tried eggs benedict.  Holy hell had I been missing out.  I love bennies, and I have a few set places where I go.  The Tulalip Casino makes a mean bennie (and you can get a side dish of Sriracha to spice the crap out of it).  Portage Bay cafe had a really good bennie with chipoltle hollandaise.

I love this stuff, but have been so incredibly intimidated by it.  Until I saw this post from the Pioneer Woman on Eggs Benedict day.  Man, she makes everything seem so much easier.  My cravings for a good bennie had to be satisfied, so we had breakfast for dinner.

I apologize for the crappy photo from my phone, but that’s what we’re working with until I can bust out the camera and properly edit photos.

Yes, it looks like a dirty mess, but the flavor… wow.  Here’s what’s on the plate:

First, we started with a chorizo sausage. Hubs wanted to make sure we had something for breakfast this week.  psych!!  I made two chorizo patties out of that big sausage.  Then cooked some bacon in the chorizo grease.

Black beans.  Take a can of black beans, toss in some dark chili powder and a little brown sugar.  Heat on low for however long you need.

Guac.  Nothing fancy here, just an avocado chopped to hell.

Salsa.  Yup, I made fresh salsa last night.  Needs more heat, but we’ll see how it tastes this morning.

Hollandaise: The most indimidating-ish part.  Egg yolks, melted butter, a little milk and dark chili powder.  I forgot the lemon juice and it could have used a little salt since my butter is unsalted.

Poached eggs: yup.  Some day we’ll have our own chickens and we’ll have super fresh eggs, and not have this Franken-egg mess that was on my plate.  And someday I’ll figure out how to properly poach an egg.  My yolk was a tinge too done.

After the “Lent diet” of no wheat/corn, I’ve somewhat continued on with it.  I’ve rarely had corn chips with my salsa (discovered Beanitos and they’re a pretty good substitute), and I can’t bring myself to buy regular bread- been eating a lot of tapioca bread instead.  Or brown rice bread.

Regardless, I’ll hold off on my gluten-free soapbox for now.  This breakfast-for-dinner was 100% grain free.  That’s pretty badass.  Oh, and I’m still full from last night.