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I toyed with the idea of calling these “gluten-free” because, well, they are, but I don’t feel that its necessary to define foods by what they don’t have.  This leads to an entirely separate essay on gluten-free and the like, but we’ll save that for another time.

Hubs has been asking for wings lately.  For me, wings isn’t necessarily *just* football food, but it definitely falls into that category of sporting food, and not necessarily dinner.

We’ve had a bottle of Frank’s Buffalo Sauce sitting in the cupboard for a while.  When I did need some Frank’s to make buffalo drums (ha) for Superbowl (??), hubs bought Frank’s regular and buffalo.  I used the regular with my nose up in the air.  Who needs *pre made* buffalo sauce?  Snob.

Apparently I only messed with a couple of pictures (finished product), so I guess I’ll have to describe well.

After working in the bathroom/yard, we both were exhausted and changed directions with this dish.  Originally, I had meant to make Buffalo chicken “tenders” or so.. marinate, dredge, pan fry, bake, sauce; but that was a bit much.  Here’s what we did:

Take two chicken breast and cut them into strips.  Toss ’em in a plastic bag (or bowl, depending on your willingness to clean), and throw in… maybe about a 1/4 cup of Frank’s Buffalo sauce.  Cover (or zip) to seal and refrigerate. A few hours. Or overnight.

When ready, the grillmaster threw them on the bbq, along with some asparagus and carrots. in a foil boat. (!!)  A man after my own heart.

After the chicken is done, take them off the grill.  In a medium-ish saucepan, add some more Frank’s Buffalo sauce (man I’m saying a lot about this sauce… and no sponsorship!) and heat it over medium.ish.

Toss the chicken strips into the warm sauce and toss to cover.  When you are satisfied (or absolutely starving), pour it all into a bowl.  If you’re like me, every drop of sauce is precious.  Then find some blue cheese in the fridge and throw that on top.  Then run out into the garden for some chives, and use these super cool herb scissors (sorry, no pic), courtesy of my test kitchen buddy (thanks!!).

Stuff face.  But the stuff burns your lips just a smidge.

Next time I make something like this, I’ll stick to my guns and try my uber-complicated method.