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I love wine.  Especially when I’m getting dinner prepped.  Over Lent, I could only have wine (or any alcohol for that matter) on Friday or Saturdays only.  No boozing on school nights.

Whole Foods had some really nice looking artichokes on sale (2/$3!) so I picked one up yesterday.  Also bone-in skin-on chicken thighs.  Hell yes.  And yams?  Angels are crying.

We use the rice cooker to steam artichokes.  Before I moved in with the then-boyfriend-now-husband, I’m not sure if I had ever eaten a steamed artichoke.  I remember that was my mom’s special treat.  She’d sit on a bar stool at the far end of the kitchen, dipping the leaves in fresh garlic butter.  If, as a bratty child I refused to try, then I was a bratty child.  If she never offered to share, smart lady.

We cut the top off the ‘choke, and trim the stem down to nothing.  Depending on the size, either top or bottom up; it takes about an hour, and you may need to add more water.

I need to work on a better dipping sauce.  Hubs uses mayo (my nemisis) but I have yet to find something that’s just as quick and easy.  There.  I admit that I have something that I eat with mayo.  For the record, I find mayo repulsive.

On to Yams. or sweet potatoes- who really knows the difference.  I always go for the goods that are labeled as “red garnet yams” because in my mind, those are the best.  And they’re pretty darn tasty.

This little nugget was pesky.  My trusty knife that I love (even though it cut me) got stuck.

I had to bust out the big guns.


Since I didn’t need the entire huge oven, I used the countertop oven.  I love that thing.  Thank you Lindsey & Jason- totally useful and used wedding gift!

Because I’m lazy, I laid down some foil on the baking tray, poured some olive oil and  ground some fresh salt and pepper.   Then i rubbed the yam flesh (that’s so weird to refer to ROOT VEGETABLES as flesh, but I digress)… where was I?  Rub the flesh into the mix of oil, salt & pepper.

I’ve got the oven at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes.  Cook until you can pierce it easily with a fork.  But be nice and don’t poke your food too much.  It’s going to feed you at some point.

Okay, on to those chicken thighs!  Last night, I threw them on a plate, poured some canola over them and sprinkled some of my “rib” rub over.  I would have rubbed it all into the skin, but apparently I got lazy last night and I haven’t quite gotten over it yet.  Cover with plastic wrap and let it get happy in the fridge overnight.

Preheat the oven to about 375 and do a great big FACEPALM because YOU DO need the big oven! D’oh!  Laziness continues: line a baking tray with foil, and lay out the chicken and whatever juices and oil were on the plate.

Throw it in the oven and forget it for another 45 minutes. or so.

Now, about 15 minutes or so before the chicken is done, plunk down some asparagus (and roll it around in that juicy goodness).

And if you’re like me and totally screw up the timing, flip over the yams and sprinkle with a little brown sugar, and continue baking at 300 degrees for a while longer while the chicken cooks.

The verdict: hubs says “it tastes like rib flavored chicken.”  Yeah.  The magic of the rib rub with a little oil, chicken skin and heat is magical.