I hate to say it, but I’ve seen Showgirls.  And every time I say brown rice and vegetables, I see Gena Gershon saying that it’s worse than dog food.

I love roasted vegetables.

On Sunday, the sun was out, and after working in the yard for a few hours and planting some seeds (carrots, lettuce, snap peas and kale to start), it seemed appropriate to roast just about every vegetable in the house.

It’s so easy: chop up whatever you’ve got.  We had some grape tomatoes, sweet onions, asparagus and bell peppers.  Put your chopped veg in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. and whatever [fresh] herbs are available.  The thyme was looking great, so that’s what made it in.

Now, lay it all out on a big baking pan and roast at 350 for about an hour- less than an hour if you like more fresh, or more than an hour for crispy.

While the vegetables are roasting, make some brown rice.  It takes about an hour… more if you screw it up the first time.

Before you mix it all together, give the rice some love.  Season it. Drizzle with oil.  Just.Do.Something.  I forgot that part.

We had some leftover boiled chicken (man that sounds awful), so I pulled that apart and threw it in.  Simple and delicious.  This works warm, or at room temp.