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There’s something somewhat glorious and satisfying about having an amazingly decadent lunch at work that consists of leftovers.

Somehow, there are people in this world who don’t eat leftovers.  I do not know these people. 

Case in point: LOOK at THISImage

Look at this and tell me you don’t like leftovers.  Granted, we’re missing roasted cherry tomatoes and kale chips (and the red wine poached pears with blue cheese that we were waaaay too full to eat) and a few glasses o wine.  But then again, I am at work.

This meal is courtesy of Martha Stewart, December 2011.  Recipes here: http://tiny.cc/f5wpk

For the tenderloin: next time, I want to decrease the dairy, and add white wine and tarragon.

Phyllo “cups”: what??  I’m sorry, it’s about the PACKET.  Skipped the pate since it wasn’t on hand.  Added onions and about a half a bottle of white wine.

And those “shingled” potatoes… good. Pain in the butt to make, but worth it.  And when there’s leftover sauce, pour it on.