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For a while now, I’ve been thinking about baking eggs for breakfast.  I’ve seen images here and there (and had egg cups in ham a lot these days), and dammit, I was going to make them!

Thanksgiving morning, I decided I would make breakfast.  In our home, this is somewhat of a dangerous thought.  Hangry B + things not being perfect = recipe for DISASTER.  Luckily, things worked out in my favor.

We got these great individual sized Fiesta casseroles for our wedding, so I busted them out.  Forgot to “prepare” (ie grease) them (next time: BUTTER!!), but it was okay.  Foraged through the fridge and found eggs, grated mozzarella, grape tomatoes, spinach and pancetta.  Perfect!

Start by laying a bed of spinach in your casserole (actually, “prepare” it with butter or some sort of oil; the stickage wasn’t too bad without it, but next time, ie: tomorrow, I’ll add some butter for good measure).

Next, I added my eggs: two per dish.  Make sure that when you’re cracking your eggs that the shells don’t get in the dish.  Throw in tomatoes, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle mozz cheese, and swirl the pancetta.  Next time I’ll assemble differently.

I baked for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  Next time, I’ll keep it down to 10, and spread the pancetta out more so it all cooks instead of a little crispy goodness and more wet whatever you want to call it.  This had really good flavor but I like my yolks to be a little runny.

I figured this wasn’t going to be quite enough, so I cooked up some potato pattys from Trader Joes.  Those things are delish!!

Voila! Breakfast in under 20 minutes.  That’s a record in our house.