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Everyone loves mashed potatoes… I hope.

Mashed potatoes, when done right, with the right type of potato…well, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.  I didn’t get the best pictures of my mashed potatoes since there was waaaaaaay too much going on in the kitchen (love!!), but here’s what I’ve got.

I wasn’t able to find the source for my original recipe, but I stand by my belief that it came from Sunset. or maybe Martha.

First up, slice up shallots to caramelize.  I think I had about 7 or 8 of them.

These will make you cry. a lot.

Heat oil and butter in a pan on med-high heat. Add shallots. Season with salt & pepper and let them get some good color. 

At some point, add some sugar. Not a ton, but more than a pinch.  I added sugar at intervals, so let’s go with 3 tablespoons for giggles.  Then add water and cover (probably should turn down the heat a little).

These will eventually turn golden and delicious (takes a while; be patient).  When they’re done, they’ll look like a slurrry mess, especially if you turn them a lot.

OMG Just had an epiphany!  I think this recipe may have come from In Style magazine.  Billy Joel(?)’s hot young chef wife had a spread with Southern style dishes. Maybe?? I remember that magazine had good recipes in there.

Back to the shallots. Mess. Delicious mess.

Now, let’s talk potatoes.

When you roast chunked potatoes, use red.  When you’re baking potatoes, use russets or bakers.  When you’re mashing potatoes, use YUKON GOLDS.  For Pete’s sake, don’t use anything other than YUKON GOLDS.  They’re smooth, creamy and don’t go all lumpy when you mash them.

For a table of 9, I picked up about 4 pounds.  Should have gotten more.. we ran out of leftovers real quick.

Get a huge pot of water boiling, and throw in your potatoes (and salt).  Make sure to wash and cut them in half (or quarters..) so they can soften quicker.  They are done when fork tender. 

Either transfer the potatoes into another dish to mash, or reserve some of that starchy water before draining.  I goofed and went straight to draining. Grr.  Now mash those potatoes!

Season your potatoes: I use salt and pepper, a big dollop (what a great word) of sour cream, a bunch of butter and add those shallots.  Plop in a bowl and serve.

I made the mistake of putting them in a bowl that was way too small, so the final presentation looked like… well, looked like garbage.  I put some shallots on the top with a glob of butter (not enough butter!!) so it just looked weird.

And you know what I forgot???  The hazelnuts.  Too many people trying to weasel their way into the kitchen made me forget to brown butter and throw in the hazelnuts.  #($*%&#)@*  Next time.

Sad forgotton little guys

Ooh! And after a lot of searches, I came up with this: http://www.arizonafoothillsmagazine.com/taste/phoenix-recipes/recipes-side-dishes-from-katie-lees-the-comfort-table-recipes-for-everyday-occasions