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I have to preface this by saying this may be the most delicious thing I’ve thought up.  This is probably in a recipe somewhere, but the most “research” I did for making this dish was consulting the Flavor Bible.

Yams are delicious. So are apples, onions, bacon and sage.  I also like olive oil and brown sugar.

Here we go! I had one huge yam and one small-ish yam, two honeycrisp apples, one large sweet onion, one package of sage and about 4 pieces of bacon.

Keep in mind: we had 9 at our table. And no leftovers. I had a smaller dish set aside to take to our neighbours but we ate it all. Whoops.

Chop they apples, onion and yams into big chunks.  Throw it all into a large bowl, season with salt and pepper, olive oil and brown sugar (a few big spoonfuls will do).  Toss, to coat; chop up some sage, and throw a bunch in.

Get everything coated with sugar and olive oil, then toss into big baking dishes.  Then add your bacon. I sliced mine into little chunks, but if you prefer, you can bake big slices over top. This, however, could lead to someone getting stabbed with a fork.  Just sayin’ … protect your digits!

Mmmmmmm bacon

Ready for a close up?  I thought so!

Toss this in the oven for…… think I had this in for about an hour?  Honestly I have no idea how long I cooked it for, just that the oven was at 350 degrees for the turkey, and cooked ’til everything just looked good.  I would recommend stirring a bit- I forgot about that.

Sorry Larry, we ate it all!

I really did intend to give the smaller dish to the neighbours, but once the big tray got to me, everything was gone!!!

So do yourself a favor: make this delicious mess, but make a lot. It goes quick.