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Oh man. Central Market had spot prawns last night. I splurged and got a whole pound (at $19.99/pound). Trust me, these babies are worth it.

In the interest of keeping it simple, I decided we’d eat “family style” (keeps it entertaining around here.. nobody has been stabbed with a fork yet).

Take off the shells (and for the love of Pete, whoever he is, save them!!) and clean ’em out. Worth mentioning- the first time I worked with these I was a little wigged out- most prawns have clear “juice”, but these guys have pink juice. Trust me, you are not bleeding.

Shelled spot prawns

Season these minimally – they are naturally sweet. I like to use just a little (ha) garlic, butter and salt.  If I had shallots and flat leaf parsley in stock, those would have gone in there too. 

Along with this, I decided to cook some arborio rice regular style (gah!) instead of making risotto. This girl was a little tired last night! 

Now for the green part (necessary in every meal these days, and not limited to kale chips.. and yes we had some last night).  Broccoli crowns have been looking (and tasting) good lately.  Instead of steaming, I decided to roast again.  Simply drizzle some olive oil, season with salt & pepper, and roast at about 400 degrees until it reaches your desired softness.

This is raw (above). I threw mine under the broiler on low before serving. Good decision.

Let me back pedal a minute.  Timing.  Start your rice first (all of this cooks fast).  While the water is boiling, season your broccoli and throw that in the oven. Then…

Take some butter (some as a subjective term; I happen to love butter), and throw it in a pan. Turn the heat on med-low, and as the butter starts to melt, throw in your garlic.  Did I mention garlic before? Well, if I didn’t the smash up some garlic. NOW.  Don’t burn it, we just want to sweat it (sounds gross yet I love saying that).  Once it starts to sizzle a little, throw in your prawns.

In an ideal world, all of these elements are done cooking at the same time.

Now take a bowl, just one single bowl (but only if you’re willing to risk getting stabbed with a fork). Put the rice on the bottom. Then be all fancy (or not), and plop on the broccoli. Then cover the rest with shrimp, and pour all of the butter & garlic mixture over the top.

Voila, dinner.