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Oh man.  If I had a time machine, I’d go back to have this meal over and over again.

For a while now I’ve been dreaming of red wine poached pears. Pears go well with pork. I like pork. And red wine. I could go on…

I picked up a pork tenderloin on Thursday; on Friday, I rubbed it with salt & pepper, threw in some garlic and covered in red wine. By Saturday, the meat was a new color.

But let’s start from the beginning of the evening. Roasted tomatoes are a must. These are my crack. Always and forever. Slice grape tomatoes in half, cover with olive oil and salt, and roast til slightly crispy and sweet. 350 degrees works well.

Prep squash.  We had white swan squash. We’d never had this type of squash before… delicata is my favorite, and this one tasted really pumpkin-ish.  I’m really loving squash rings these days- so much easier and less mushy.  Cut it in rings, trim out the insidey parts, and cook.

Next: Kale chips. I *love* these. I’m working on not being so heavy handed with the olive oil these days (I use a LOT), but I’m too cheap to buy a “misto” – I can’t let myself become so lazy that I spritz olive oil from a gadget. Regardless.. pour some oil in your hands and rub it into the kale, then season. We’ve been using just sea salt- simple and delicious.

And carrot chips.. the new favorite.

And when these to snacky types are done, watch out. If I used a fork for this stuff, someone’s hand would have been stabbed already.

I found this “Foodies” wine – for the record, I absolutely despise the word “foodie” – I bought the wine for the illustration. Turns out it was tasty.

After pigging out on this stuff, checked on the tomatoes happily roasting in the oven.

And now we get to the main course (ish).  Here’s that pork I mentioned earlier:

The color isn’t really showing, but the meat changed color and a nice purple tint from the wine.

Next up: poach the pears.  I found this recipe online and took the first comments to heart: http://wine.about.com/od/howwineismade/r/poachedpears.htm.  I started cooking these before the pork so they’d have time to cool enough to broil them with cheese.  I used Comice pears and they were amazing. Next time, I want to use less sugar, more wine, and poach a little longer. The sauce was a bit sweet for my taste.

Around this time, put the squash rings into the oven. Don’t forget to season with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Take your drunken tenderloin and brown on each side in a large pot. I used my extra large sauce pot.  Once browned, I added my “marinade” to the pot plus more wine (dur) and let it simmer until the pork came to temp. 

While that’s going, take a peek at your pears- they may be done.

And the tomatoes? Check. You’ve been working hard; take a break and eat about half the tray.

Now, do yourself a favor. Put those purple poached pears into a Pyrex, and sprinkle with blue cheese. And maybe some of that sauce in the pan.

Now throw that sucker under the broiler (and take the squash rings out first!).  Since you’ve got a pan full of sweet wine sauce, turn up the temp just a little, add more wine and let it reduce. Make friends with your whisk so it doesn’t turn into candy.

When the pork comes to temp, remove from heat and let it rest. 

I added more wine to the pot to make a sauce. I love sauce. This one isn’t pretty but it tasted good.

Watch your pears to make sure they don’t burn.

Slice your resting pork tenderloin while finishing the sauces.

Now get to plating.  Drizzle this over your pears (look how much it reduced!):

And drizzle your chunky pan sauce over the pork:

And don’t forget the squash!

There really isn’t much I’d change to this dinner, except less sugar in the pear sauce, more wine (everywhere, dur), and a better tasting squash.

Guess what? This is a grain free meal!!