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I have to take a moment to say that Halloween royally effed up my kitchen plans this week.  Long story short: I skipped exercise to grocery shop, but couldn’t grocery shop because of all the Trick or Treaters at Mill Creek Town Center.  Grrrrrr.

On Thursday, I was *finally* able to get to Central Market.  It was a near perfect day except for the car trouble, but that is a whole other story as well.

Back to Central Market.  I LOVE this place.  It’s the only place I buy seafood and produce; I do buy meat there occasionally when I don’t have a chance to get to the butcher (and it makes me feel like I’m cheating!).  I get the weekly emails about specials and got real excited to see halibut *and* scallops *and* gulf shrimp *and* pork tenderloin on special.  I look forward to these Wednesday morning emails. 

I got to go grocery shopping.  I am happy in my world again.

I stumbled upon a few food blogs off Facebook links and Pinetrest (?? still don’t know what this is), but discovered something so amazing and simple I had to try it: Carrot Chips.   It’s from Joyful Abode, which has a grain free section. *yes* The disclaimer on this is true: these carrot chips are addictive.  Husband  was lucky enough to only get a couple. 

Here is the recipe: http://www.joyfulabode.com/2009/08/31/carrot-chips-danger-addictive/

We don’t have a plethora of fancy oils in our house (olive, sesame, sesame chili, veg) so I went with olive oil.  When I get back to the store, I’m shelling out for coconut oil.

I sliced some organic carrots and tossed in some garlic for good measure:

I probably flipped the pan around too much, but the end result was delish. Must make more:

The requisite kale chips came next – photos looked like crap but the kale was divine.

Next up: dinner! What to do with this beautiful chunk of halibut and broccoli crowns?  Mojo it up, of course!  I’ve never roasted broccoli so this was an interesting experiment.

I was feeling really lazy last night so I put everything in foil.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing too many dishes, ya know?  Anyhoo, plop the halibut in the center, surround it with broccoli, and liberally apply mojo de ajo.  I added extra olive oil, which in the end may not have been the smartest idea.  But still…  I roasted at 350 for about 20 minutes, and the fish turned out perfectly for a little half pound of halibut.  The broccoli was good, but I would have preferred to blast it a little in the broiler.  Maybe next time…

This was awesome.  With kale and carrot chips as starters, a little halibut and broccoli was the perfect meal.  No rice or potatoes necessary.