My test kitchen cohort sent me a link to Chrissy Tegien’s chipoltle marinade a while back and made it immeditely. and waaaaaay too hot.  Recipe here: 

This stuff is amazing.  I made the mistake of putting the *entire* can of chipoltles and adobo sauce (and half a bottle of Patron)… delicious but we were breathing fire for a while after.  The other day, I grabbed the last of my batch from the freezer and made an attempt to mellow it out with more ketchup and brown sugar.  Success! 

Husband decided we needed some kale chips to snack on before dinner.  These are always a must!  If you’ve never tried kale before, try this.  Rinse, dry, rub with olive oil and your choice of seasoning (we just used salt and pepper last night, but my sweet & spicy rib rub is pretty choice too).  Slop it on a baking sheet and roast until crispy.  These don’t last long.

Kale Chip

The last kale chip left. It took a lot of strength to not gobble the entire tray.

Now for chipoltle.  I generally hate working with chicken unless its a whole bird.  And growing up on chicken breasts then having to buy my own food, I found that chicken thighs are not only cheaper but taste better by about a million times.  I planned ahead and marinated the chicken overnight:

See that little avocado and lime?  Chop, add salt and a little chili powder.

And that lonely little onion?

Meanwhile fresh off the grill… (thank you husband for braving the cold and rain)

I’m drooling again just thinking about it.  Throw it all together and garnish with a few sliced fresh tomatoes from the garden, and voila!  I really feel like it needed a little cilantro, but since I was out, I won’t dwell on it too much.