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I have a love-hate-love-hate relationship with salad.  In Spring, I usually go nuts and have crazy salads for days in a row.  After a few solid weeks, I’m 100% off salad.

This year I’ve made an effort to not necessarily cut back on salad, but take it easy so I don’t stop eating it.  Growing our own lettuce makes this whole process a p-i-t-a. 

But I digress.  It’s now fall (feels like winter- this girl *hates* being cold), and all I want is salad…  Go figure.

I have a few rules for salad:

  • Store bought salad dressing is for suckers
  • Organic baby greens taste best
  • When in doubt (or supply): add cabbage
  • Load it up with toppings- those are what make it enjoyable
  • And last but certainly not least: Don’t forget the cheese!

This is my lunch today.  I’m fortunate to have a husband that makes amazing smoked salmon, and I love it with blue cheese.  I’m a bit of a tomato fiend as well- grape tomatoes are the best.  In the background there’s a haid boiled egg and pepitas.  Pepitas are delicious and you can’t say pepitas without smiling.  As for dressing- I like to keep it simple.  Generally, I just use extra virgin olive oil with salt and pepper.