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Our good friends just had a baby a couple of weeks ago (yay new baby friends!) so I’m tring to get in the habit of making them a meal once a week.  Week 1 was chili with beef, pork and other assorted vegetables. 

This week, I’ve been wanting to make sauce.  Not just any red sauce, but an extra hearty one with lots of protein and fiber so pasta isn’t totally necessary.

Hearty red sauce with vegetables and sausage.

Always keep this in mind: I don’t write recipes and I don’t give measurements.
Things you will need (somewhat in order):
Extra virgin olive oil
Italian sausage
Chopped onion
Minced garlic (smash it with a knife.. much more satisfying than a garlic press)
Chopped carrots & celery
Sliced onions
Kale (I like to slice mine into thin ribbons)
Can of diced tomatoes
Big can of crushed tomatoes
“Italian” seasonings: Basil, Oregano, thyme & marjoram (uppercase = more; lowecase = less)
First up: brown the sausage.  I cut it raw and then cooked it (don’t do this.. it looks like zombie brains coming out of the casings and really isn’t pretty).  Oh yeah.. high heat.
Once the sausage is cooked thru, take it out and leave all that good pork fat.  Still on high-ish heat, throw your onion, then add garlic.  Once you wet yourself from the smell (good smell), add carrots and celery and season.
From here, I threw in mushrooms (ugh I hate mushrooms but my friends love them).  Then add kale (I love kale and so should you).  Season with salt & pepper; add a bunch of basil and oregano, and a bit of thyme and marjoram.  Throw in your cans of diced and crushed tomatoes, put that pork back in, turn on low and simmer.
I swear this would be great as soup (sub crushed tomatoes for beef stock, eh?), but most people like pasta these days (myself included, much to my chagrin).  Now that I’m thinking about pasta, I’ve got this intense craving for crappy grocery store “garlic” bread.